Jorge Moreno

Jorge Moreno is the artist to look out for in the future.

- Abby Chavarilla, Tejano Grapevine

Jorge Moreno's music is refreshing and what the Tejano industry needs.

- DJ Jalapeno, KJTZ 106.9
  • 2007 Tejano Makeover Winner
  • 2008 Tejano Music Award Nominations
    • "Luz de Luna" - Song of the Year
    • "In Love in Texas" - Crossover Song of the Year

More About Jorge

Jorge Moreno was born in Tulare, California in the Central San Juaquin Valley, One of the biggest agriculture producing valley's in the western part of the U.S.A. Jorge is tenth of eleven children. His parents were farm labor workers that immigrated in the sixties from the State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico to California. Jorge's early childhood was heavily influenced by the norteno genre, music comprised of accordion and bajo, the sixteen string guitar which originated in the northern part of Mexico and Texas. Much of this was instilled during trips to Mexico. Jorge was always paying attention to his uncles, who were in norteno bands.

In his early teens his interest for Country and Tejano Music grew, some of his influences in country were George Strait, Eddie Rabbit, Dwight Yoakum, Brooks and Dunn, Garth Brooks. In The Norteno and Tejano genres, Emilio Navaira, David Lee Garza, Ramon Ayala, Rigo Tovar, Los Humildes and Los Bukis, just to name a few. In his late teens he joined a few bands, were he was in charge of singing the Tejano/Country and Norteno songs.

In the nineties he recorded his first album entitled "Enamorado" ("In Love" in English). Before completing his next album, Jorge decided to finish school. He graduated in 2000 from California State University of Bakersfield with a degree Administration of Criminology and a Minor in Sociology.

In 2007 Jorge was the winner of the Tejano Makeover Contest and Grand Giveaway announced at the National Tejano Music Convention and Awards in Las Vegas, NV, and was awarded almost $10,000 in numerous prizes by the sponsors of the grand giveaway. Triaz Digital, the Graphic Studio, The Embroiders, CE Distributors, Inc., Bob Gallarza's On the Edge Productions and The 2007 National Tejano Music Convention.

For his first Major project entitled "In Love In Texas", Jorge made the cut in two categories on the top twelve nominations on the ballot for the 2008 Tejano Music Awards. His song "Luz de Luna" received a Song of the Year nomination and "In Love in Texas" received the Crossover Song of the Year nomination. This is a great accomplishment especially for someone outside of Texas on his debut project. . .

This is possibly the first time an artist outside of Texas has made the top twelve, except for Grupo Limite from Mexico. This was a guaranteed first time for a group from California to make the top twelve nominees. Tejano Roots Hall of Famer in Broadcasting and Columnist of the Tejano Grapevine, Abby Chavarilla stated that Jorge Moreno is the artist to look out for in the future. Program Director and Morning Personality at Abilene's KJTZ 106.9 DJ Jalapeno stated that Jorge Moreno's music was refreshing and is what the Tejano industry needed. Syndicated music columnist, Ramiro Burr described Jorge Moreno's Music as a Tejano Rockabilly style.

His big win in Las Vegas put Jorge Moreno on a winning track. The album is entitled "In Love with Texas". . . This project was one of the most versatile releases on the Tejano Honky-Tonk music landscape recognized for its smooth Tejano Rockabilly dance flavor with modern arrangements and textured rhythm styles.

Between tracks and showmanship, Jorge Moreno offers a great talent in both music and performance and the eternal soul of a true Tejano/Country troubadour. To date Jorge has recorded numerous albums including "Best of Both Worlds" and "Crossroads." Since then Jorge has served as not only the executive producer but also has begun co-producing all his albums. Currently, Jorge has just released his country debut album entiled "Gone Country" and also released a greatest hits album entitled "The Hits".